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Are you searching for a dependable business lawyer in the Pleasant Grove, UT area? Here at Byers Law PLLC, we offer our clients personalized legal assistance for every stage of their case. Our top priority is protecting the best interests of you and your company. As business owners ourselves, we understand that issues come up along the way. We are here to address those urgent issues and resolve them as quickly, cost-effectively, and fairly as possible. With the help of our lawyer, you can get back to running your business.

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  • Business Organization & Formation: The four types of business organizations are sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and partnership. During this time, you will have to determine management, taxes, liability benefits, and more.
  • Partnership and Limited Liability Company Organization: When forming a partnership or LLC, you will register with the state of the business’ operations. Let our business formation lawyer guide you through the process.
  • Business Start-Up Assistance: Want to start your own business? Feel more confident in your business by having a small business lawyer by your side. We are here to help you avoid common mistakes new business owners make. Our goal is to help your business grow.
  • Contract Negotiations: Our contract lawyer will assist with lease agreements, vendor agreements, employee contracts, etc. We will help you draft these contracts and ensure the terms are enforceable.
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A good business lawyer will provide you with guidance and insight throughout the process. We are here to walk you through your options and ensure favorable outcomes. Whether you are forming a new business or drafting new contracts for employees, we will be there to make sure it gets done properly. We have years of experience partnering with businesses and business owners for legal matters. Contact us today to learn more about how a commercial attorney in Pleasant Grove, UT, can assist you.

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