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Trusts are useful documents that allow family members to avoid having to go through the probate process after you pass away. Get advice from a trust attorney who can assist you in the creation of the necessary documents that align with the estate and trust law. If you reside in Pleasant Grove, UT, contact our attorneys and get professional insight on what you can do to protect your family’s wealth and pass it down from one generation to the next.

Learn More About Setting Up a Living Revocable Trust

Think How You Want Your Estate Divided

This type of document can be changed over time, and it is used to avoid probate. Additionally, it protects the privacy of your beneficiaries since it is kept out of public records. However, they have several limitations that need to be written up. Learn more about trusts and the different types you can choose from with the assistance of a reputable lawyer. Get professional advice to find one that aligns with your particular needs. The process of obtaining these documents can be challenging and expensive if you want to ensure their validity. At Byers Shaw PLLC, you can find an affordable attorney who will keep your best interests in mind at the time of creating your trusts.

Work With a Trust and Estate Attorney

Protect Your Legacy

While it is possible to write down your own trust, our attorneys are able to delve deeper into your unique circumstances. Let us help you think about how you want your estate divided, who will receive it, in what timeframes it will be distributed, and other crucial details. Avoid discussions about how to control your wealth after passing away and protect your legacy from individuals who could misuse their inheritance. Do you have adult children with special needs or young children? Take the opportunity to discuss with us terms that will benefit them in the future. Talk to our trust attorney and discover options to protect your legacy in Pleasant Grove, UT.

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